Good Food Meets
Warm Hospitality‚Äč

Food is in our DNA

Nothing unites people more than the love of good food. Doubly so for us at Blue Sky Food. Our passion to create delightful cuisines and reimagine familiar Asian flavours has blossomed into an F&B enterprise that comprises a group of restaurants and catering operations, some of which were Halal-certified. We believe in creating joyous moments for every occasion.

Our Restaurants

Shi Zi Tou


Maya's Kitchen

Authentic TANDOORI

Dhaka Restaurant

Authentic BENGALI Cuisine

Our Franchise

Maya's Kitchen

Tandoori Indian Cuisine

Dhaka Restaurant

Authentic Bengali Cuisine

Shi Zhi Tou

Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Food Catering Services

Blue Sky Food provides a wide range of food catering services tailored for consumers and businesses, including wedding catering, birthday celebrations, baby showers, and corporate functions. We have extensive experience and expertise in Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Asian, and Western food catering services. In addition, some of our food catering business has attained Halal certification by MUIS.

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