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Chinese Office Bento

Our Chinese cuisine is very popular among Chinese and locals alike, making it one of our top-notch options that is strongly recommended by many consumers. Authentic and traditional, we place a strong emphasis on quality control within our food preparation and our recipes have been continuously improvised to ensure consistency throughout. We look forward to offering customers a pleasant dining experience that will leave them with satisfied and contented tummies.

Our services cover:

Dormitory Meals

Staff Meals

Staff Bento Catering

Corporate Bento Catering

Corporate Buffets

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Birthday Parties

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Office Bento

Office Bento

Premium Bento

Premium Bento

Chinese Office Bento Menu

Breakfast 早餐

Combo A 套餐 A
Lunch/Dinner 午餐/晚餐 (Spicy 辣)

Combo B 套餐 B
Lunch/Dinner 午餐/晚餐 (Spicy & Non-Spicy 辣和不辣)

Combo C 套餐 C
Lunch/Dinner 午餐/晚餐 (Non-Spicy 不辣)


每日一汤* (莲藕排骨汤,老鸡中药汤,乌鸡人参汤,猪骨汤)

套餐都会配送一份随机卤味 (麻辣鸭脖, 麻辣鸡胗, 麻辣鸡爪, 麻辣猪耳朵, 麻辣猪肝,麻辣海带,莲藕,