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Work from Home? Finding it a hassle to prepare home-cooked meals? How about subscribing to our monthly bento set at a more affordable rate?


Whether you are looking for daily tingkat offers or searching for restaurant quality food packed and delivered to your homes, we have it all for you here. We provide you with a comprehensive array of recipes prepared by chef professionals from different countries across the world, bringing together meals that are suited to your individual taste.


If you are interested in getting an exclusive offer from us, sign up for a 3-day trial with us.

Monthly Subscription

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Our Monthly Subscriptions Offers:

Dormitory Meals

Staff Meals

Staff Bento Catering

Corporate Bento Catering

Corporate Buffets

Corporate Events


Birthday Parties

Chinese Food Catering | Blue Sky Food Holdings

Chinese Cuisine

Indian Food Catering | Blue Sky Food Holdings

Indian Cuisine

Western Food Catering | Blue Sky Food Holdings

Western Cuisine

Bengali Food Catering | Blue Sky Food Holdings

Bengali Cuisine

Professional Catering Service | Blue Sky Food Holdings


Every team member in our catering arm adhere to high standards of professionalism. Buffets and set meals are prepared using the freshest ingredients and optimal culinary procedures. Our event management officers have good knowledge of the requirements of catering services for corporate and private functions in Singapore, and can communicate sound advice effectively.

Food Safety

Food safety has been and always will be one of our top priorities. We always ensure all our food products are safe for consumption, so customers can enjoy them with peace of mind. All kitchen staff have to complete the WSQ Basic Food Hygiene course and also attend refresher courses when necessary. Stringent food preparation SOPs, inspections and food sampling are done before delivery. Our delivery partners are also trained to manage the cleanliness of the buffet lines during setup.

Food Safety Catering Service | Blue Sky Food Holdings
Quality Food Catering Service | Blue Sky Food Holdings

Quality Assurance

We take pride in offering quality Asian cuisines and top-notch service. Our chefs are the gatekeepers of food quality assurance, conducting food sampling and making adjustments before the food reaches our customers. They also perform Research & Development (R&D) regularly to explore new flavours and innovate on existing dishes. The customer service officers help maintain our great services and relationships with clients by proactively seeking feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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